I met a man the other day Who thought the earth was flat I said man you must be crazy Where the hell's your tin foil hat But he spoke with such conviction And he believed the words he spoke Something deep inside me knew this couldn't be a joke But why would he believe this why believe in such things Coz everybody knows the earths a ball and that it spins

You must be pretty crazy If you think the earth is flat

Coz we all know that it's a globe And that's a simple fact So I said What about the photographs That nasa takes from space He gave a knowing smile and told me Man those things are fake But what about the videos That I've seen with my two eyes What about them he replied You heard of cgi? Chorus nasa's faking everything That you have ever seen and as for flying to the moon Well they ain't never been Indeed my friend they're lying scum It's there for you to see Just take some time, look into it The truth will set you free Well I was kinda sceptical But I have an open mind What he said was interesting And I've a got little time So I grabbed my self a doobie And started watching vids If nasa's really lying Then they're lying to my kids As I watched I got angry As I learned of the deceit The global earth deception Was right there at my feet Well holy shit this could be true What if we're not on a globe? The more I learned, the more I yearned The more I started to probe I upturned every rock of information I could find I started to unlock the truth the war upon my mind I had a thousand questions I just couldn't understand I had to meet that man again The flat earth man Chorus I called him up that evening And he agreed to meet He was very welcoming And showed me to my seat He said I see you've done some research My open minded friend I know you have some questions Which we'll get to in the end First take a look at whats on these walls Paintings of a globe I painted every single one of these Don't you know You see back in the day before computers I was in demand An artist painting everything I saw upon the land Landscapes where my favourite I was awfully good at those Many people told me that They looked just like photos And then one day I got a call From a real important dude He asked me if I'd like a job Said the money's good What's the job I asked him Then I wait for his reply You'll be painting globes for NASA Then he promptly said goodbye Well I was sworn to secrecy I could not tell a soul That I'D just got myself a job With NASA painting globes My work was published globally In every magazine To fool the people of where we live A truly evil scheme See we don't live on a globe he said The earth is truly flat I've been on the inside And I know that that's a fact Chorus Well we talked until the sun came up And my mind was truly blown This man had challenged everything That I thought, I thought I'd known And finally it was clear to me To why these bastards lie Finally it's was clear to me About the reasons why It's all about control you know To get inside your head It's all about the money too They get an awful lot of bread 50 million dollars man What could you do with that That's what NASA gets a day To hide the earth is flat You see if they can get you to believe That your on a spinning ball Well things like god and creation Just make no sense at all It all exploded from nothin right With their theory of Big Bang It's true satanic mind control From the freemasonic gang You see it's only Freemasons That get to go to space They're the evil bastards Who are lying to your face Yeah NASA pretty evil man The whole things such a fraud The only reason they exist Is to hide a loving God Chorus