A funny thing happened on the way to the moon That's the title of a video that I watched on YouTube You can see astronauts hanging from wires Proving that astronauts and NASA are liars They analyse photos and highlight mistakes With the moon landing missions they show it was faked You can see 'em faking the photos of earth They use a round window to fake the curve

Hmmmm I watched another documentary called astronauts gone wild Astronaut Buzz aldrin gets a little riled All he was asked was to swear to god That the he went to the moon but he would not He was faced with a moon landing denier Had a chance to show that he ain't no liar But buzz decided to punch that dude Just for asking him to swear if he went to the moon Hmmmm Chorus Do you still believe we went to the moon Do you still believe what they tellin you Connect the dots and pretty soon You'll find out what I found out too But I If you question this stuff you'll be labelled a loon You'll be called a conspiracy theory buffoon But I don't care man, I'm stil gon' make this tune Coz I know that we didn't go to the moon And how bout the moon rocks They gave to museums And thousands and thousands of people did see em But one museum took a closer look And soon realised that something's afoot The rock they were given turned out to be fake Just a piece of old wood not a rock from space When god made the moon he saw it was good But apparently made it from petrified wood Hmmm In another museum sits an astronaut suit Take a good look at the tread on the boot It doesn't match up with the prints on the moon And y'all still believe what they're telling you Or how bout that phone call that Nixon made To the moon that's a quarter million miles away When I can't get a signal on my cell phone line I guess phones were better in 69 Hmmm Chorus Yeah you went straight through those van Allen belt_s It wasn't a problem right and nothing was felt But now you say it's a problem and you can't get through This problem needs to be solved according to you But didn't you solve that problem back in 69 You flew straight through em 5 more times You wonder why I think it's fake When there are so many apollo mistakes Like the telemetry data that's all gone missing 13000 reels are you kidding A giant leap for all of mankind But you lost all the data And no one can find Hmmm Chorus. There's no blast crater from the lunar module Probably coz that thing was a model Or the flag that flutters with no atmosphere Don't you think that's a bit queer Intersecting shadows means another light source Do I think it's fake, yeah of course The whole thing was filmed on a Hollywood set Directed by Kubrick is my best bet The moons so cool we love to explore it But we can't get past low earth orbit Do the research people I think you'll find Nasas admits that a bunch of times