"One of the more bizarre and confusing questions frequently asked by globe believers is, "Why are there no photographs showing a Flat Earth?" What they mean by this is Why are there no photographs taken from "outer-space" which show the entire flat Earth in one frame similar to how NASA images show the entire globe Earth?

 Eric DubayTo begin with, we do not pretend to know how far our Earth plane extends outwards, whether it terminates with an edge, some kind of barrier, or reaches out into infinity, so when globe believers ask this question they are making an assumption that the flat Earth is just some object floating in space similar to the way NASA presents the globe.

There are many cartoon depictions of such silly flat Earth's floating in space put out by the farcical gate-keepers at The Flat Earth Society and others, but these images do not represent the claims of genuine globe skeptics.

We simply posit that through objective and empirical means the Earth is demonstrably a stationary level plane devoid of any curvature which proves the prevailing globe Earth theory to be scientifically impossible"