The following video is a compilation of answers to 32 of the most common questions asked during flat Earth interviews. For the past several years I have done my best to personally and promptly answer every genuine flat Earth question asked of me across all of my social media accounts.

I promise to continue answering everyone’s flat Earth questions and request that you direct your friends and family to this video and its comments section which I will use as a platform to field further questions and compile a compendium of flat Earth F.A.Q. answers here in this link.

  1. What is your evidence that Earth is not a spinning ball? (0:25)
  2. How do you explain NASA’s images and videos of Earth? (22:32)
  3. What about the ISS, Hubble, Moon and Mars Landings? (27:06)
  4. How does gravity work on a flat Earth? (39:11)
  5. What does the flat Earth look like? (45:42)
  6. Where is the edge of the flat Earth? (49:51)
  7. What did early explorers have to say about Antarctica? (56:00)
  8. How do you explain circumnavigation on a flat Earth? (59:24)
  9. How do you explain ships disappearing over the horizon? (1:00:29)
  10. Why can’t you see across the ocean with a telescope? (1:03:06)
  11. Are distance photographs the result of a ‘mirage’? (1:04:22)
  12. What about the Felix Baumgartner Red Bull dive? (1:07:22)
  13. Are all the planets flat or only the Earth? (1:09:29)
  14. How do you explain eclipses on a flat Earth? (1:14:20)
  15. What is underneath the flat Earth? (1:17:14)
  16. Is there a dome covering the flat Earth? (1:21:05)
  17. How do you explain time-zones on a flat Earth? (1:22:51)
  18. How do you explain seasons on the flat Earth? (1:24:17)
  19. How does flat Earth account for the midnight Sun? (1:26:27)
  20. Why do the Sun/Moon appear bigger on the horizon? (1:28:29)
  21. How do you explain seeing two sunsets from the Burj Khalifa tower? (1:30:27)
  22. Is moonlight really just a reflection of sunlight? (1:34:12)
  23. How do you explain the moon being upside down in the South hemisphere and rightside up in the North? (1:35:34)
  24. How do you explain seeing curvature from a plane window? (1:36:29)
  25. How do you account for satellites, GPS, and Google Earth? (1:38:00)
  26. How do you explain meteors, comets, and craters on a flat Earth? (1:43:03)
  27. How do you explain Foucault Pendulums? (1:47:52)
  28. How do you explain the Coriolis Effect? (1:48:51)
  29. What is the Flat Earth Society? (1:50:43)
  30. Why hasn’t anyone blown the whistle on this secret? (1:55:54)
  31. Why does it matter whether or not the Earth is flat? (1:58:31)
  32. Why would they lie to us about the flat Earth? (2:05:54)